I help brands verbalize, vocalize and visualize their essence. 


By applying strategic thinking to the process of design and brand building, I help brands find their unique identity.


My process involves studying micro & macro trends in culture, understanding the audience as real people & arriving at meaningful insights from research, all of which is applied to a brand's visual identity.



Brand strategy

With a Masters in Branding from the School of Visual Arts in NYC, this degree has equipped me to create strong and meaningful brand experiences; covering the strategic, psychological, business, financial and cultural aspects of branding. I have worked with clients like MoMA and Major League Soccer to apply these learnings on live projects.



Communication design

With rigorous training in design from the Portfolio Center in Atlanta, Georgia in 2009, I developed an interest and expertise in the fields of typography, information graphics, logo & identity systems, packaging and publication design. PC taught me importance of presentation and craft, along with design concepts that are backed by sound strategy. 


Economics & Liberal Arts

My bachelors degree in Economics in 2008 from Fergusson College in India created a foundation for further specialization in branding. I am interested in how economic theories affect demand, supply and business, and how that can be applied to the design industry.