Branding a Brazilian restaurant experience

The Challenge

How to create an authentic & memorable experience through design, space and messaging by going beyond a tourist's idea of Brazil, and taking back a rich experience.


'Boteco' literally means the local watering hole, and is a place for casual drinks and snacks. This inspired the brand to take on a casual and friendly atmosphere, but serve a fine-dining experience. The identity is a nod to the flora & fauna, arts & culture & culinary delight that makes up Brazil.


Scope of Work

Research - Elements of Brazil and competition in Pune city.
Competitive positioning
Brand positioning & target audience identification
Identity and visual language design
In-house collateral
Spatial graphic design



Metaphors & inspiration

Art deco lettering, tile art, Amazonian flora and fauna, Brazilian cooking

Derived visual language &  brand elements

Illustrations, patterns, colour inspiration

Illustrations, patterns, colour inspiration


Brand Manifesto



A meeting ground for Bohemians to wander.
For poets to wonder. For musicians to sing & people to make merry. For revolutionaries to conspire, and for you to inspire.

It’s where you can.


In collaboration with: Firebrand   |   Image credits: Varkeolyar, Divya Desa (Blehlovesfood) & Janavi Kothari